Attention Business Owners!
Harness The Power Of The Internet And Have Targeted, Ready To Buy Customers Calling Your Business For Your Products And Services.

The vast majority of consumers now research online before buying anything. They “Google” whatever they are looking for.  When they do, will they find your business or your competitor’s?

To ensure it is your business that searchers find and buy from:

1.  Have A Simple But Professional Looking Website that is easy to navigate, lets the user find relevant information easily, and clearly demonstrates what they can do to get your product or service.  The content on your website should be useful, interesting and engaging.  After all, you’ve worked hard to get visitors to your site – keep them there.

2.  Advertise Your Business On Google.
Get a return on your investmentAlso known as Google Adwords or Pay Per Click Advertising.

Put your business ads in front of targeted people who are actively looking for what you provide at the exact moment they are searching online.


3.  Have A Properly Optimised Google Places Page.

Profits IncreaseGoogle wants local businesses to be able to give searchers the products and services they are looking for and so it has enabled small businesses to get their websites ranking for local business terms. So if you have a business that sells a product or service in a particular city or town then this is for you.

Dentists, florists, opticians, builders, electricians, therapists, creches, the list goes on for businesses that need to have a good places page set up.
I see plenty of Google + Local pages but very few know how to really set it up right to be on the 1st page. There are only 3 to 7 spots available on the 1st page so doing it right is crucial.

In order to get your Google + Local page seen (page 1) there are many things you can do to make your listing stand out- some of it is visible and other parts are behind the scenes work.


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