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Your website is there to attract visitors, show them what you do and bring in revenue.

Advertise Your Business On Google

Every day people are searching for what you offer. Put your business in front of them. lead management funnelOnce you get a visitor who is looking for your services you want them to see that what you provide is the right fit for them.

You can do this with the right content, images and call to action. A call to action can be simply asking people to contact you by filling out a form or calling you by phone.


Imagine a potential customer has reached your product or service page and is just about to make a purchase or call you, when suddenly the door rings and they leave your website before completing that action.

They may NEVER come back. Sale lost.

But by installing a remarketing tracking code on your website, that person is already tagged by the system as someone who has almost purchased your product or service.

You can now advertise to that person specifically on Google, other websites and across the Internet. They’ll be reminded that they were about to take that action and will come back. Finally giving you the sale.

This is huge and highly effective on all business websites.


Analytics is the most under utilised website resource available. It can tell you everything you need to make your site a better place for your customers if you know where to look. It tells you how many people visit your site, how long they spend on your site, what pages they visit, how they found you, what topic in particular interests them, etc.

When you know all this you can ensure visitors find what they are looking for. Leading to happy visitors and more sales and profits.


You’re proud of your business. You know you provide a great service.

A service as good if not better than your competitors, and you know customers will be very happy with your service or product once they try you. However, in order to buy from you, prospective customers have to know you exist and engage with you first. There are many ways people find businesses that provide services and products they want:

For example.

In the high street, recommendation from a friend or neighbour, a flyer in the door, an ad in the local paper, a sign on a van, the Golden Pages (less effective these days), and by people actively searching for what you offer online.

I’ll repeat the last one because it’s so important.

People actively searching for what you offer. couple searching online

When someone is actively searching for something they normally go online first, most likely to Google, and do a search. They type in a term or terms that for them is relevant to what they want to find. From the list of possible matches that appear, they go from the top down and choose the first website that looks promising from it’s description, to see if what is being offered is similar enough to what they are looking for.

If they like what they see they stay and scan the page for relevant information and offers. If not, they hit the back button and try the next website.

Those websites that show up well in that search, offer what the searcher is looking for, and demonstrate value and trust, will be the businesses that get the sales, the calls and the enquiries.

It’s that simple. Nobody will go 2, 3 or 4 pages deep to find what they’re looking for.

Why won’t they search beyond page 1?

Many believe the best and most important businesses will be at the top and less relevant businesses will be lower down on pages 2 and beyond. That thinking may be unfair and unjustified but it’s a fact. Also, 9 times out of 10 searchers find what they’re looking for among the top listed websites so there’s no need to look further down. leads and offers Businesses listed at the top of search queries are considered better and more relevant than businesses further down.

Burning Question

So the question is…If you do a search for your products or services using many different key search terms, as searchers are likely to do…

  1. Do you show up within the first 7 places or are you page 2 or 3?
  2. How good is your message? Do you provide the information needed for visitors to make a decision to buy or contact you?
  3. Do you offer value and trust in your website’s content for your visitors?

Do you know your figures? It really helps if you know:

How many visitors are you getting weekly?

How are they finding you?

What search terms did they use?

What percentage of visitors become buyers?

How much does a new customer cost on average to acquire?

How much on average does a new customer spend with you?

How much profit do you make on average per customer?

What is the life time value of a customer?

If you want more new customers and you have a business that sells something people are searching for.

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