Your Business Visible Online In Your Service Area

Google’s New Local Search Shows In The Number One Spot 93% Of The Time

Since August 2015, Google now show the top 3 businesses with a Google My Business Page (previously called Google Places) above the top organic results a staggering 93% of the time. That’s up from an estimated 25% before the change. This means that in a large percentage of searches the top 6 positions are taken up with Google ads and Google local businesses ahead of the organic listings. This means the #1 organic ranked website is now in 8th position, after the top 4 Google adwords and the top 3 Google My Business (local search) positions.

So What Does This Mean For Local Businesses?

It means there’s a great way to show up online on any type of device, be it PC, laptop, mobile or tablet, but only the businesses that know how to set up their pages right will benefit. Only the top 3 show at the top of page 1.  So if you want your business to be seen when people are searching for the products and services you provide you need to be on Google’s “Google My Business” Platform and you need to optimise the page and follow Google’s best practices.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a way local businesses can have their business website show up when someone is searching on Google for a local business product or service. It now shows just under the paid ads and above the organic listings for a lot of search terms with local intent.