Have Customers Find You While Shopping Online

What is AdWords?

Adwords is a way for smart businesses to ensure their message is seen by people actively looking for their products and services on Google.

An ad is written that reflects what the searcher is looking for and what the business provides. When the ad is clicked it brings the searcher to a relevant page on the advertiser’s website that provides the searcher with the desired information. Relevant information, an attractive offer and a good call to action will lead to new customers.

Why Use AdWords?

lead management funnelDo You Want To Be Seen By People Searching For Your Products and Services?

When advertising your business you want to ensure it’s to people who are genuinely looking for your product or service.
Unlike many forms of advertising where your message is presented to a general audience, advertising your business on Google allows your ads to be shown only to people who indicate an interest in a specific area.

When a user types the service or product they are looking for in Google your ad which is targeted for the search term entered appears.
If the user clicks on your ad they should then be taken to a page that best satisfies their need and offers a relevant product or service. You only pay for the clicks on your advertisement and therefore only pay when people actually come to your website.

You decide which regions or cities your ads appear and you can control exactly how much you are willing to spend.
The great thing is everything is trackable and so you get a great understanding of your market.

The skill of course is in the keywords you link your ads to, how you manage those keywords, the quality of the ads themselves and the page the user is taken to. Many businesses pay far too much for little return because they don’t fully understand this principle.

If you’re a small business owner and you’d like to get more customers and sales without spending a fortune then please feel free to call us to discuss if Pay Per Click Advertising is for you.


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