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Hiring the services of a PPC agency to manage your Google ads pay per click campaign is the surest way to achieve fast customer growth for your business and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Getting the call or enquiry that would otherwise go to a competitor is the aim of running ads.


You’re running a business and surely don’t have the time or resources to learn how to effectively build a successful paid search campaign and then on top of that, manage it. That’s where an experienced Dublin based Google ads specialist can help.


Manage Biz Online have been working with small businesses since early 2012 and have a wealth of knowledge that fits in perfectly for today’s small business and sole trader.


Reasons to use PPC Advertising

PPC (pay per click) advertising is a part of digital marketing and a very effective way to get more customers to your business quickly. When a user types the service or product they are looking for in Google your ad which is targeted for the search term entered appears.


If the user clicks on your ad they should then be taken to a page that best satisfies their need and offers a relevant product or service. You only pay for the clicks on your advertisement and therefore only pay when people actually come to your website. You decide which regions or cities your ads appear and you can control exactly how much you are willing to spend. You set your budget (How much you’re willing to spend per day) and your maximum cost per click (How much your willing to pay per visit)


Combining PPC with Local SEO and Organic SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very powerful combination. You can literally dominate the search results in your area with your business showing up to 3 times on the page.


Great tracking so you know what is working (or not working)

The great thing is everything is trackable and so you get a great understanding of your market. You also get great information you can use in improving your SEO to increase your organic rankings and profits.


The skill of course is in the keywords you link your ads to, how you manage those keywords, the quality of the ads themselves and the relevancy of the page the user is taken to.


Don’t make the mistakes many PPC advertisers make

Although pay per click ads can be quick to set up, with lack of knowledge or lazy set up, it’s very easy to get it all wrong and waste your budget. Having someone experienced who does PPC professionally will not only save you money but make you money. Unlike many forms of advertising where your message is presented to a general audience, advertising your business on Google allows your ads to be shown only to people who indicate an interest in your chosen area. Getting enquiries on your services or products within minutes of running a campaign is a wonderful feeling to be experienced.



To recap; with PPC the aim is to write very targeted ads that your potential customers see when searching on Google. They click the ad and go to a page that is specific and relevant to their needs and enquiry. They then contact you by phone or enquiry form. If they leave without taking any action you can still stay on their radar by using remarketing ads which are display ads (image or text) which will appear on websites they visit later. This display advertising will ensure the warmest leads see your ads at all times and is a great way to get lost visitors back to your website to get that sale.


We would recommend any small business to consider PPC services as a way to get a foothold in their market. Ads are the first results people see when searching so it makes sense for you to be there.


Who do we work with?

We work with businesses from many sectors, the vast majority being small businesses in Ireland and particularly Dublin. We really enjoy working with local businesses as we see the positive impact our services can make quickly. Local businesses have a lot of opportunities if they have the right support ensuring their business is seen by the right people for their products and services.


Why work with us?

Investment in your business brings growth and with almost 10 years professional experience our PPC Management is effective, affordable, brings you more customers and a high return on your advertising spend.


We’re about ensuring your business website delivers and performs better than it does now. Great ads to a great page, leading to increased sales. High performing ads to a high converting website equals more customers.


If you’d like a proven and tested way to get more customers contact us today 0n 085 147 9554 or drop us a message for a call back.